This site is a full bitcoin hub-node hosted in Germany. Helping to relay the bitcoin blockchain accross the p2p network. It's up 24/7.

NEW: This node is now running Bitcoin Classic! Scaling the network up to handle user demand is important and this node can be used by lightweight (mobile) wallets well in to the future. Bitcoin desperately needs these changes so that it can handle the next adoption wave. Bitcoin Classic has these changes included.



This server's host name, (1ch7pkuzix2i6afkhebd93i1zun6bhk6w) is also this server's bitcoin address. As IBM's Richard Brown said "On the blockchain, nobody knows you're a fridge". The idea is that machines can now be assigned bitcoin addresses and participate in the economy autonomously from their human owners.

Besides hosting some websites, this server runs the back-end side of the bitcoin software, used to distribute the blockchain for the masses on the bitcoin p2p network. The domain registration was paid with bitcoin via Namecheap.com

Tech Notes: Since host names usually use all lower-case letters, it is better to assign a bitcoin address with all lower case. A program called vanitygen was used to generate a lower-case bitcoin address. It took a few minutes to run. The command to find all lower-case was:
$ ./vanitygen -r ^[0-9a-z]+$

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What does a full-node do? Besides relaying new transactions, it downloads the entire blockchain. The blockchain has grown to many gigabytes now, so it's not possible for every device to download it.

Transactions that were relayed by this hub can be viewed on blockchain.info


Want to contribute to the bitcoin community? There are 3 top ways to do it: 1. Contribute to the development of the software, 2. Mine some bitcoins - mining is what makes bitcoin secure, 3. Run a bitcoin hub-node (full node)

Out of these, 1. & 2. require some investment / advanced know-how, so 3. anyone with spare resources can do.

Why run a bitcoin full node? The blockchain, bitcoin's database of all transactions, is growing larger every day. It is now too large to store on mobile devices and even too big to download for the average user. Lightweight bitcoins clients that do not donload the entire blockchain are becoming more popular.

To support the growing number of lightweight clients, more full nodes need to be running on the network. These full nodes need to stay up 24/7, be well connected, but usually a VPS node can do the trick

Download the bitcoin binaries from https://bitcoinclassic.com/

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Here is the address of this server encoded in a QR code: 1ch7pkuzix2i6afkhebd93i1zun6bhk6w

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